Best Kick Scooter For Commuting 2023 (At Every Price)

Kick scooters have been around for a long time, but in recent years they have become increasingly popular as a mode of transportation. Whether you are looking for a way to get around campus or commute to work, a kick scooter is a great option.

However, not all kick scooters are created equal. There are now many different types of kick scooters on the market with different features according to requirements. So which one is the best for commuting?

To help you find the best kick scooter for commuting, we have reviewed 7 of the best models on the market. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide with things to look for when purchasing a kick scooter specifically for commuting.

Best Kick Scooter For Commuting

Although choosing the best kick scooter for commuting may seem an easy task, it can actually be quite challenging.

With so many options available in the market, knowing what you are looking for and what features are essential for a perfect commuting experience on a kick scooter is important.

We’ve guided you below on the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect scooter for commuting so you can make an informed decision and enjoy your daily commute.

However, those who are under time constraints can directly jump to our top pick below with reviews that we consider to be the best scooter for commuting in the present market.

Here is a list of the 7 best kick scooters for commuting, based on our team research in 2023:

1. LaScoota Professional Scooter for Ages 6+, Teens & Adults

Kick scooter for commuting

The LaScoota Professional Scooter is our top pick for those looking for the best kick scooter for commuting. Because of its features and build quality, this scooter is perfect for those who want a modern and refreshing style and ride.

What makes the LaScoota Professional Scooter stand out is its LATTA suspension technology. This ensures a smoother ride by minimizing bumps with low vibration and high-impact shock absorption. This feature makes it perfect for commuting as you won’t have to worry about hitting small bumps in the road.

The wheels used on these scooters are high rebound 7.9 inches polyurethane, easily absorbing the bumps and minimizing the shock. Further, the wheel’s build quality and structure make it fast, powerful, and durable on almost all types of roads.

The scooter is also foldable for your convenience and includes a carrying strap. The best part is you don’t require any tools to fold or unfold the scooter. All you need to do is press the push button given near the deck. 

Additionally, the handlebar is adjustable to 3 height options (35″, 37″, and 39″), so you can find the perfect fit for your height. Due to this adjustability, this scooter can accommodate most heights and fits perfectly for young kids and adults.

With safety in mind, the scooter also features an extra-wide, non-slip deck and high-quality heat-treated brakes. This allows you to navigate obstacles while staying on course.

Overall, the LaScoota Professional Scooter is the perfect scooter for commuting due to its smooth ride, safety features, and adjustability. It’s perfect for those looking for a fun and modern way to get around or for those needing a commuter scooter that can handle any terrain.

Lastly, by testing it for a month, we found it’s one of the smoothest and most comfortable scooters, which allows you to commute a long distance without any effort.

Why do we recommend this:

The scooter is recommended for many reasons, including its affordable price and strong build quality and comfort. The scooter is also very stylish and comes in 14 different colors, making it stand out from the crowd. Further, people of different ages or heights can ride this scooter easily because of its height adjustment feature.

  • LATTA suspension technology makes a smooth ride
  • Foldable & Lightweight
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Extra-wide, non-slip deck for safety
  • High-quality heat-treated brakes
  • Different color options are available
  • Soft anti-slip rubber grips on the handlebar
  • Handles weight up to 220 lbs
  • No tools needed
  • Not ideal for off-roading

2. Swagtron K8 Titan Folding Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults & Teens

Commuter scooter

The second pick on our Best Kick Scooters For Commuting guide goes to the Swagtron K8 Titan. This scooter is perfect for those who are looking for a foldable and portable option that doesn’t sacrifice on performance.

This is the ideal scooter for adults, young, and teens as it comes with a handlebar height adjustable feature. Further, it’s also a budget-friendly high-quality commuting kick scooter.

Further, the Swagtron K8 Titan is made with a durable aluminum deck that can support up to 220 pounds, meaning that it can take a beating.

Additionally, the scooter comes with ABEC-9 high-precision bearings and extra large 200-millimeter wheels for a smooth ride.

The addon part in this scooter is a sound bell which is generally not found in all scooters. This makes you a little safer on this scooter as you can easily warn people with the sound of this bell if they are too close to you.

Best of all, it folds down in three quick steps, making it easy to transport and store. Also, it’s a lightweight scooter with just 10pounds of weight, making it cable for kids as well to carry around.

Lastly, the Swagtron K8 Titan comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase. Also, it has three different color options, including cobalt gray, hot pink, and blue, making it easy both for boys and girls to make a choice.

Why do we recommend this:

This is a no-brainer scooter for budget commuters as they come with high-quality material with every needed feature. Also, it’s adjustable, which makes it useful for everyone in the house. It’s worth buying for college students, young professionals for work commuting, and urban adventure. Also this is one of the best kick scooters for adults commuting.

  • Affordable
  • Foldable and portable
  • Height adjustable
  • Smooth ride
  • One-year limited warranty
  • 220 pounds weight capacity
  • Come with the attached bell
  • Lightweight
  • No hand brake, only rear wheel brake option

3. HUDORA Scooter for Kids and Adults

Best Kick Scooter For Commuting 2023 (At Every Price)

Spot three, we’ve got the HUDORA scooter, and this is also a great choice for commuters.

This particular model is really versatile as both kids and adults can use it with its 4 adjustable height options (31- 40 inches).

The HUDORA also features a patented folding system, making it really easy to store and transport. So if you’re constantly on the go, this scooter is a great option for you.

What’s also great about this scooter is that it comes with a foot brake for added safety and comfort. However, you’ll not get a handbrake in this scooter, but the rear foot brake is also good enough.

Further, being a lightweight scooter of up to 11 lbs, it still has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and can accommodate riders of all ages.

As you know for commuting the wheels are really important. They need to be able to tackle all types of terrain, and the HUDORA’s big wheels definitely make it up for that. It has no problem going over bumps or cracks on the pavement as they are 8 inches large enough for PU wheels.

Also, note that this scooter has a long deck for tall people out there, making it suitable for riders up to 6.2 feet. However, they might need to bend their knees a bit when riding because more ground clearance might make it uncomfortable for them.

In conclusion, according to our research, the HUDORA is one of the top-selling scooters, and if you’re looking for a quality product with all the required features for commuting, this is definitely the one for you.

  • 5 adjustable height options
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Foot brake for added safety
  • Weight capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • Long-lasting
  • Not suited for a very tall rider

4. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

Razor A5

The Razor A5 Lux kick scooter is also one of the best attractive scooters for commuting with different color options. It is an update from the A model and has some new features which make them ideal for commuters.

It comes with large urethane wheels that make for a smoother ride, an anodized aluminum finish that is eye-catching, and easy to adjust handlebars. The A5 can also hold riders up to 220 pounds and is only 9.4 pounds itself.

Further, the Razor A5 has a rear fender brake, making stopping quick and easy. It also folds up, making it easy to store and transport for commuters.

The wheels are 200 mm (8 inches) and made of polyurethane, providing a smooth ride. Additionally, the handlebars are adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights.

If you like attractive colors and eye-catching graphics, then the Razor A5 Lux is the perfect scooter for you as it comes in various colors.

Lastly, it’s also lightweight and can easily be carried around, making it ideal for commuting long.

  • Lightweight
  • Attractive colors and graphics
  • Easy to adjust handlebars
  • Rear fender brake for quick stopping
  • Folds up for easy storage and transportation
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Quite a Small deck for large feet

5. Beleev V5 Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

Beleev V5

The Beleev V5 Kick Scooter is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and sturdy scooter that can grow with their kids.

The adjustable handlebar means that it can be raised or lowered to accommodate riders of different heights, while the T-bar lock ensures a steady and safe ride.

Further, the large 200mm wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride on both hard and uneven surfaces, making it ideal for use on sidewalks.

Also, it has an extra-wide and low deck that makes it easy for riders to step on and off the scooter. In addition, it has a textured non-slip deck that keeps your feet firmly in place.

For adults and young, the Beleev V5 Kick Scooter is perfect for commuting but for kids, make sure they are at least 8 year old and up. Also, we would recommend it for kids due to its build quality only. Also, it lasts quite a long so the kids can grow with the same scooter just by adjusting the height and changing wheels or any needed parts with time.

This two-wheeled scooter comes with a carry strap, so you can easily take it with you on public transportation or store it away when not in use. Thanks to the one-second folding mechanism, this scooter is also easy to use and carry, making it a great choice for those on the go.

Lastly, with the non slip deck, you will have no trouble keeping your footing as you scoot around from place to place. Also, its extra wide and low design makes it easy to push without bending your leg at the knee.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • T-bar lock ensures a steady and safe ride
  • Large 200mm wheels
  • Extra-wide and low deck
  • Textured non-slip deck
  • One-second folding mechanism
  • Weight capacity of 220 lbs
  • Some riders may find the scooter challenging to control at high speeds
  • Kickstands can be a bigger size

6. Swagtron K9 Commuter Kick Scooter

Swagtron K9

If you’re looking for a great scooter that is both comfortable and easy to ride, even being a tall rider, then look no further than the Swagtron K9 Commuter Kick Scooter.

With a height-adjustable feature (37-41 inches), this scooter can easily accommodate riders up to 6’5″ tall.

Additionally, the true fold-and-go design makes it easy to portability when you’re not riding or wants to cross the stairs or anything.

It also has a sturdy, oversized front wheel that makes for a smooth and stable ride, so you don’t have to think now for even or uneven city pavement.

Best of all, it comes with a 250mm front PU wheel and premium ABEC-9 pre-installed bearings for fast speed and high precision. These wheels are also Butter smooth and long lasting, so you can enjoy your ride for years to come if you ride it carefully.

And if you ever have any questions or concerns, SWAGTRON’s world-class and gold-star service and support team is always available to help all over the United States.

  • Comfortably accommodates tall riders up to 6’5″
  • Easy to fold-and-go design for easy portability
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Comes with premium ABEC-9 bearings
  • Extra large front wheel
  • Good grip deck
  • Some may not like design
  • Not recommended for kids because of height

7. WeSkate Scooter for Adults


Last but not least, our list of the best kick scooters for commuting is from WeSkate. This scooter is made from high-quality and rustproof aluminum alloy and can support a rider weight of up to 220 lbs, making it suited for adults also.

It’s equipped with 190mm high-rebound PU big wheels and dual suspension for a smooth ride, even on rough roads. Plus, the extra long mudguards on both the front and rear wheels will keep you clean and dry.

The handlebar is adjustable in 3 heights to accommodate riders of different sizes so that you can also share your scooters with others if you want.

The scooter also features a reinforced kickstand and rear brake for safety and efficiency. Hence, all these features make this scooter a great option for commuting around town, whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult.

  • Attractive
  • High-quality and a rustproof aluminum alloy construction
  • Can support riders up to 220 lbs
  • 190mm high-rebound PU wheels
  • Dual suspension for a smooth ride
  • Extra long mudguards on both wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar in 3 heights
  • Reinforced kickstand
  • Foldable
  • We found it a little difficult to assemble
  • White color gets dirty easily, and no other option is available
  • Some might feels it is a heavy scooter

You can also read is kick scooter good for commuting or not. If you’re confusing, read our article on a particular query.

Buying Guide On Choosing The Best Kick Scooter For Commuting

When it comes to choosing the best kick scooter for commuting, there are a few things you need to take into account. This guide will go over some of the key factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

First and foremost, you need to consider why you want to use a kick scooter for commuting. Are you looking for a more efficient way to get around town? Or do you simply want a fun and convenient way to get some exercise?

Once you understand your needs, you can start looking at different models and brands of kick scooters. There are many different types of scooters on the market, so it’s essential to do your research and find the one that best suits your needs.

When you’re looking at different models, pay close attention to the weight capacity and the maximum speed. If you plan on using your scooter for long distances, you’ll want something that can accommodate your weight and can reach high speeds.

Further, also look for the wheel size. Larger wheels will usually provide a smoother ride, while smaller wheels are more maneuverable. Therefore, choose the wheel size based on your needs and preferences.

Another important factor to consider is the braking system. Make sure that the scooter you choose has a good braking system so you can safely stop when you need to. Also, you get different brakes like rear wheel brake and handbrake. However, in most kick scooters, you’ll find only a good rear wheel brake and enough.

Finally, take into account the price of the scooter. There are many affordable options on the market with similar quality and features, so you don’t need to break the bank to get a good quality scooter, as some of them are also listed in this article.

By following these guidelines, you can be sure to find the best commuter kick scooter for adults, young, and teens that meets your needs and budget.

While commuting, you might also think of riding on the sidewalk, so before doing that, make sure you know whether there are kick scooters allowed on sidewalk or not.

Benefits Of Commuting With A Kick Scooter

Commuting with a kick scooter can offer numerous benefits. Below are some of the key benefits:

Cost Effective: Kick scooters are much cheaper than electric scooters, cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles. You can easily get a good quality kick scooter for under $100.

Eco Friendly: With no emission engines, kick scooters are one of the eco-friendliest ways to commute. They are also much quieter than any other vehicle on the road, making them better for the environment and those around you.

Exercise: Commuting with a kick scooter can offer you some exercise you wouldn’t otherwise get while driving a car or taking public transport. It’s also a great way to keep fit and in shape.

Convenience: Kick scooters are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them with you wherever you go. You don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot or locking up your vehicle. They also require very little maintenance, so that you can spend more time on the road.

Fun: Kick scooters are fun to ride and a great way to make your daily commute more enjoyable.

Considering these key benefits, you can decide if a kick scooter is the right option for commuting. With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why so many people are now using kick scooters as their primary mode of transportation. So why not give it a try? You may just find that you prefer it over other forms of travel.


Are kick scooters good for commuting?

Yes, kick scooters are a great option for commuting. They are efficient, convenient, and can be a lot of fun. Just make sure to choose the right model for your needs and budget.

Is a kick scooter good for adults?

If the scooter is of good quality and durable with the right weight capacity, braking system, and according to adults height, then it is good for an adult to ride.

Can you ride kick scooter in the rain?

Riding a kick scooter in the rain is not recommended as it can be dangerous. The wheels can slip on wet surfaces, and you could lose control of the scooter. If you must ride in the rain, make sure to go slowly and be extra careful.

What is the best scooter for commuting?

A scooter with an adjustable handlebar, large wheels (around 200 pounds), good suspension, and strong build quality will be the best option for commuting. A scooter with these features will provide you with more stability on bumpy roads, greater speed and comfort, and improved control when turning.

Are kick scooters good for long distance?

Yes, kick scooters can be used for long-distance traveling if you’re fit enough. However, it is important to note that kick scooters are not suitable for long distances if you have any physical limitations or injuries. Furthermore, kick scooters are not suitable for long distances on very hilly terrain.

Q. How to choose a scooter for commuting?

To choose a scooter for commuting, you need to consider several factors like scooter design, size, build quality, wheel size, weight capacity, compatibility with various terrains and weather conditions, safety features, portability, and budget.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what to look for in a kick scooter with some of the best kick scooter for commuting in the market, it’s time to start hunting. Be sure to compare different models and brands to find the perfect scooter for your needs and budget.

With the right kick scooter, commuting can be a breeze. You’ll get where you’re going quickly and efficiently, and you might even have fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your daily commute easier, affordable, and more enjoyable with a kick scooter today.

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