How Far Can You Go On A Kick Scooter? (Answered)

A kick scooter is a great way to get around town. However, have you ever wondered how far you can go on one?

Normally, we use a car, bike, or electric scooter to travel long distances, but what if we could use a kick scooter? Kick scooters have several advantages and disadvantages over other forms of transportation.

So let’s see in detail and answer your query how far can you go on a kick scooter so that you can decide if this mode of transportation is for you. Also, we will see the pros and cons of using it for long distance commuting.

How Far Can You Go On A Kick Scooter?

The answer to this question is determined by your weight, height, strength, power, and kicking technique. If you weigh between 50 and 160 pounds and have good kicking technique, you can travel up to 12 miles per hour and continue after some rest. If you are heavier or less skilled, you will likely only be able to travel about 6 miles per hour with small brakes in between.

Now let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on a kick scooter.

Kick Scooters For Long Distance Travel: Pros And Cons

Although kick scooters are one of the best modes of transportation for short distance travel, they are not the best choice for covering long distances. The following are the pros and cons of using a kick scooter for long distance travel:


  • Compared to other different types of scooters, a kick scooter is lightweight. You can store it and carry it around easily if you don’t need to use it for a long distance.
  • It occupies a very small size, so it’s easier to get around in crowded areas and store in an office or home. Some kick scooters are also foldable, so you can take them on vacation or when you travel. Even if you’re not very skilled, you can easily control it.
  • When comparing walking and kick scooters for long distances, kick scooters are a better option because you can cover more distance in less time.
  • There’s no need to worry about the battery draining in the kick scooter for long distance travel. You can keep going on a kick scooter with little rest for a long ride.
  • A kick scooter is safer than an electric scooter since you ride it only with your body’s action and effort, while an electric scooter with a battery can run in any direction if you lose attention.
  • By riding a kick scooter daily, you will maintain a good physique since you have to use your whole body, including your legs and core.
  • The kick scooter requires very little to no maintenance.
  • In comparison to other scooters, like electric scooters, they are more affordable, making them a good option for people on a tight budget. 
  • It is a great way for beginners to get started with scooters by riding a kick scooter.
  • There are no parking fees associated with the kick scooter.


  • Kick scooters are not the most comfortable form of transportation for long distance travel, especially if you are taller or heavier than average.
  • Kick scooters aren’t the best option for heavy guys if they want to ride long distances.
  • People may chuckle at you because of your effort into riding a kick scooter faster if you ride long distances daily.
  • Using a kick scooter may not be the ideal choice for you if your daily routine includes long distance travel on hills. Otherwise, you would have to carry it around every time you climb the hills.

You can check here how fast can a kick scooter go if you don’t know the highest speed you can achieve.

Long-distance travel On Kick Scooter: Things to consider

Here are the important things when traveling long distances on a kick scooter. Therefore, you need to know this before traveling long distances on a kick scooter.

kick scooter for long distance

Kick Scooter Quality

All kick scooters might seem the same to you, but there are many types of kick scooters that come with different features and performances. Thus, it is very important to choose the right type of kick scooter for your needs. For long distance riding, you must have a scooter with high quality wheels, bearings, and a handle with a good grip; the scooter should also be the right size for your body type.

When you choose low quality cheap kick scooters, you might encounter many problems such as -Uncomfortable ride, needing more effort to ride, not being able to handle hills, difficulty braking, and riding on the wrong side of the road.


A scooter that makes you feel comfortable is essential when riding long distances. This means you need a good-quality scooter with a large enough seat and good grips for your body.

By riding a scooter around, you are able to determine whether the kick scooter you are considering is comfortable for a long ride.


As discussed above, a kick scooter should be light in pros and cons, but what about its rider’s weight? Yes, the rider’s weight matters a lot when traveling long distances as it affects the scooter’s speed, balance, and stability.

In case you are a heavy-weight guy who intends to travel long distances on a kick scooter, consider an electric scooter with a larger size. Due to the fact that heavy guys find it very difficult to push a kick scooter for a long period of time.

Scooter Wheels size

On a kick scooter, the size of the wheels is also important. You need a large scooter for you to move quickly on it but not so large that it becomes difficult to ride. Some kick scooters have smaller wheels, while others have larger wheels. In general, larger wheels are better for going around town, long distances, and smooth surfaces, while smaller wheels are better for going up hills and on rough terrain.

Rider Age

In the case of kids, it’s obvious they can’t push the scooter for an extended period of time while seniors can. In short, the stronger you are, the more you can do on a kick scooter ride. So always think about how far can you travel on a kick scooter according to your age and strength.


Kick scooters are great for traveling on flat surfaces, but they’re not good for going up hills. That’s because the weight of the rider causes the scooter to push down on the ground, making it difficult to go uphill.

Therefore, if your riding route includes many hills, avoid going far on a kick scooter.

Well, this is all that matters in a long distance ride, so let’s compare kick scooters with other modes of transportation.

Kick Scooter Vs Walking Speed?

When comparing kick scooter and walking for long distance traveling, kick scooter is the best choice. This is because, on average, walking speed is 3 mph, while kick scooters can travel at 12 mph. So if you are looking for a fast and easy way to get around or a long distance ride, then a kick scooter is the best option compared to walking.

kick Scooter Vs Bicycle

Compared to a bicycle, a kick scooter is better because it has less weight and you can move faster. Nevertheless, if you want a comfortable way to travel, you might consider riding a bicycle. You can also see our guide on how to make kick scooter faster.

kick scooter vs running

Running is the best way to travel around, but what is better when it comes to long distance? If we compare running and kick scooter, running wins for a short distance, but kick scooter wins for long distance. On average, kick scooters can travel 12 mph, while running can only reach 6 mph, or slightly more, depending on the runner’s strength.


I hope you got an answer to how far can you go on a kick scooter. Kick scooters are good for short distances since they can go up to 12 mph. Take into account all the factors that affect endurance, such as your weight, scooter quality, terrain, and fitness level, if you want to travel a longer distance with a kick scooter.

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