How Fast Can You Go On A Kick Scooter? [Answer With Tips]

In today’s world, people are looking for fun and convenient ways to get around town, which is why kick scooters are becoming more popular. But sometimes, we’re pressed for time and want to do as much as we can, and the question arises whether a kick scooter is a good option or not. On the other hand, we considered riding a kick scooter because of the traffic, but a question still arises as to how fast can a kick scooter go.

No worries, in this article we’ll answer briefly on how fast can you go on a kick scooter with tips to ride faster. Read on to find out!

How Fast Can You Go on A Kick Scooter

How Fast Can You Go on A Kick Scooter

You can ride a kick scooter on average at 12.5 mph, but this depends on your riding style and the type of scooter you own. As kick scooters are portable, they can easily be carried around, making them easy to use as modes of transportation.

For students to get to school, employees to head to work, or seniors looking for an active way to stay in shape, kick scooters are a good option. Additionally, the kick scooter isn’t suitable for long distance travel but is ideal for short distances. The reason behind this is because you can’t keep pushing the board continuously for a long time.

There are many different scooters with the same basic design, but some are faster than others.

How Much Faster Is a Kick Scooter Than Walking?

Kick scooters are about three to five times faster than walking. Walking speed is approximately 3 mph, whereas a kick scooter’s average speed is around 12.5 mph.

For example, if you walk for 40 minutes, you can cover the same distance by riding a kick scooter for 8 to 10 minutes. This way, you can easily cover the distance of 4.8 miles in just 20 minutes, which is not bad at all!

In short, if you’re traveling daily for work or studying by walking, you can get a kick scooter and save your time and energy.

If you believe that your daily route contains rough roads and you would not be able to use a kick scooter, then you are wrong. Many of the best kick scooters are capable of handling rough surfaces and rough roads. If you want to buy a scooter that meets your needs, you should be familiar with the different types of scooters.

Tips To Go Faster On A Kick Scooter

You may not be able to ride faster on your kick scooter, but a professional rider can easily go faster on it if the scooter is good. Due to this, sometimes your scooter may not be good, while sometimes your riding skill may not be good. Here are the tips that will help you go faster on a kick scooter while avoiding mistakes.

Get The Right Kick Scooter

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of kick scooters and which one is right for you. There are three-wheel kick scooters and two-wheel kick scooters. There is a difference in the handlebar for both of them, so you should select the one that best suits your needs.

Beginners should choose three wheel scooters since they are more stable and easier to ride, but two wheelers are faster. All two-wheel scooters are not necessarily fast, but some models are faster than three-wheelers.

In any case, if you want speed, you should choose a two wheel kick scooter from a top brand. It is essential to buy a good brand of kick scooters in your budget if you want to improve speed and quality.

Improve Your Ridin Skill

Secondly, you should know how good your riding skills are. If you own a good skateboard but don’t have excellent riding skills, you will still not be able to ride fast.

Therefore, after purchasing a good scooter, you should master basic riding skills first and learn how to control its speed. Kick scooters cannot go fast until you master the basics like pushing, riding, balancing, turning, and stopping.

You should not forget your wrist and knee protection gear while learning to ride a kick scooter.

Be Healthy And Fit

In addition, if you’re old or in poor health, you can’t ride a kick scooter very fast. In other words, you can’t push harder since you don’t have sufficient energy to do so.

To ride a kick scooter at high speed, you should be in good health and full of energy. Those who are healthy can go faster on a kick scooter than those who are unhealthy.

Therefore, if you aim to ride faster, you should make sure that you are in good health before purchasing a kick scooter.

Ride Along The Right Surface

It is important to be aware of the surface you are riding on because it significantly impacts your speed. This is why you should ride on a soft surface where the surface won’t hinder your speed.

It is usually not suitable to ride on the roads if you want speed, so always ride on soft surfaces. You will experience a rough ride if the surface is rough, and you will not be able to go fast.

Make Daily Aim

You should aim to go faster on a kick scooter every day. By doing this, you will automatically learn how to control your speed and go faster. Especially you should try to reach your target in a short time and then enjoy the ride slowly.

Therefore, you should keep track of your speed by keeping track of time and distance. The faster you go, the better off you will be. Try to cover a greater distance in a shorter amount of time than you did previously.


Is a kick scooter faster than running?

A kick scooter is not faster than running for a short time, but if you have to go from one place to another, then it is. Because if you run the same distance, it will take more time, and your body won’t be able to bear that speed for a long time. Similarly, a kick scooter will provide a certain speed for a long time. In short, a kick scooter is faster for long distances, while running is faster for short distances.

Is a kick scooter as fast as a bike?

A bike is faster than a scooter, but a scooter beats a bike in other aspects like cost, portability, and being carried to other places.

How do you make a kick scooter go faster?

You should know how fast your kick scooter goes, and then you can make it go faster. Trying to make it go faster without knowing its speed won’t work. Well, making a kick scooter faster depends on a number of factors described in this article.

Are Kick Scooters faster than walking?

Yes, using a kick scooter is faster than walking. It gives you low resistance and makes it easy to drive a vehicle without getting tired. Also, the kick scooter is faster than walking when traveling long distances.

Is scootering better than walking?

It depends on the situation. Scootering is probably the better option if you’re trying to get somewhere quickly. However, walking is perhaps more enjoyable if you’re just taking a stroll.

How much faster are electric scooters than walking?

Electric scooters are very fast, reaching up to 15 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour, depending on the model. A person walking has a top speed of about 5 miles per hour. So, an electric scooter can get you places up to ten times faster than walking.

Are kick scooters good for long distances?

Yes, kick scooters are great for long distance travel. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can easily take them with you on trains or buses. Plus, they fold up so you can carry them easily when you’re not riding. We’ve also made a list of the best commuter kick scooter.

Also read how far can you go on a kick scooter, if you’re planning for a long trip or commute on a scooter.


Here we have discussed the major factors that affect your speed and tips on how to improve it. We can say that a kick scooter can give you a top speed of 12.5, which is the answer to your question about how fast can you go on a kick scooter.

It is also important to note that if the rider is fit and has good riding skills, they can reach even higher speeds, such as 15 mph.

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