How To Barspin On A Scooter? (Beginners Guide)

The barspin is one of the most popular tricks to perform on a scooter. It can give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you finally nail it.

However, it can be a tricky trick to learn and execute properly. If you’re looking to learn how to do a barspin on a scooter, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog post will give you a complete guide on how to barspin on a scooter for beginners. We’ll cover the basics of a barspin, how to properly set up your scooter for the trick, and what steps you should take to get it done. So let’s get started.

How To Barspin On A Scooter

How To Barspin on A Scooter

Most of the riders need to correct a mistake when they first attempt a barspin. The key to success is your preparation for the trick. If you jump in head first, chances are you won’t make it.

Hence, here is a complete guide for barspin on a scooter from beginners to experts.

What Is A Barspin On A Scooter

A barspin is a trick that includes spinning the handlebar at 180 or 360 degrees in the air. It requires a lot of practice and precision to execute properly.

The name barspin itself says to spin the bar. When you spin the handlebar of your scooter in the air and land it back to its original position, then you have done a successful barspin trick on a scooter.

Setting Up Your Scooter

Setting up your scooter is the most important part of preparing for a barspin. You must ensure your scooter is properly set up and ready for the trick.

Not all scooters are suitable for tricks like barspin, so you need to find a trick scooter that is designed for such tricks. Make sure your handlebars are properly secured and tightened. You should also check the brakes and your wheels to ensure they are in good condition. Finally, check the scooter size, which should be perfect for your height and weight.

You can also look for a scooter according to your age, like the best trick scooter for 12 year old or the best trick scooter for 10 year old.

Learning The Barspin – Step By Step

Once you know what exactly you’re going to do and have set up your scooter, it’s time to learn the barspin.

Get On Flat Surface: Before you start learning anywhere, you need to get on a clean and flat surface as learning barspin on an uneven surface would be more difficult.

Practice Spinning Handlebar Without Moving: As you know, barspin is spinning the handlebar in the air, but before attempting it you should practice spinning the handlebar in one place standing on the ground.

You can’t jump and spin your scooter bar in the first step, and it takes many tries to get the perfect handlebar spin. Hence it’s better to practice on one spot and once you master it, start spinning the handlebar while jumping.

Tips For Spinning The Handlebar Without Moving: To practice spinning the handlebar without moving, you need to stand on the ground and put one foot on the scooter deck.

Lift your scooter’s front wheel and keep it steady. Now practice spinning the handlebar without moving.

To spin the handlebar, make sure to grab the bar firmly with both your hands to get a good grip. Now get your one hand over the bar and spin the handlebar with one hand. After that practice to grab the handlebar again after 360 degree spin with both hands.

Learn Bunny Hop: Once you master the handlebar spinning without moving, it’s time to practice bunny hopping on your scooter. Bunny hopping is important before attempting barspin as it will help you to get the height while performing barspin.

To bunny hop on a scooter, you need to put both feet on the deck and jump off the ground by pressing your back foot. Try it again and again till you get the perfect bunny hop.

Start With Smaller Barspins: Once you master the barspin and bunny hope, it’s time to practice with smaller barspin. You can start with 180 degree barspin and then move to 360 degrees.

For 180 degree spin, you need to jump first and then turn the handlebar with one hand. Also, keep your other hand ready to grab the bar quickly after completing 180 degree spin and then land back on the ground.

Similarly, do with 360 degree spin, but remember to practice slowly and don’t rush. Also, note that for 360, you need to jump higher to get enough time and get the handlebar back in the same position.

Take Barspin To The Next Level

So far, you’ve mastered the basics of barspin on the scooter. But if you want to take your barspin skills to the next level, here are some tips.

First, try different scooter tricks along with the barspin, like jumping off obstacles or rails, and spin the handlebar in midair.

Second, try different combinations of barspin and other tricks like double bar spin or tailwhip to bar spin. However, before you try tailwhip with barspin, make sure you know how to tailwhip on a scooter.

Third, practice barspin on various flat surfaces like ramps and skate parks.

Fourth, as you gain more experience, try to spin the barspin faster and jump higher while doing it.

Additional Tips

If you want to master barspin on a scooter faster, here are some additional tips for you.

First, always wear a helmet and other safety gear, as it will protect you from any injury while learning barspin.

Second, practice regularly with enough breaks in between to avoid any fatigue.

Third, ask for help from other experienced scoot riders who can watch your scooter technique and give you useful tips.

Fourth, keep practicing different combinations of tricks with barspin to master them in no time.

Fifth, practice on a flat surface before attempting it on ramps or skate parks.

Following these tips and practicing regularly, you can master barspin on a scooter in no time.


How to do a half barspin on a scooter?

To do a half barspin on a scooter, you need to start with bunny hop and then quickly spin the handlebar with one hand while keeping the other hand ready to grab the bar quickly. Once you reach the half spin (180 degrees), quickly grab the handlebar with both hands and land back on the ground.

How to do a 360 barspin on a scooter?

To do a 360 barspin on a scooter, first jump higher to give yourself enough time to spin the handlebar. Then quickly turn the handlebar with one hand and keep the other hand ready to grab it after completing 360 degree turn. Once you complete the spin, quickly grab the handlebar with both hands and land back on the ground.

How to do a reverse barspin on a scooter?

To do a reverse barspin, you have to spin the handlebar in the opposite direction than the normal barspin. You can start with 180 degree reverse bar spin and then move up to 360 degrees.

Conclusion: How To Barspin On A Scooter

Performing barspin on a scooter requires the right technique, patience, and practice. It can be difficult, but by following the tips mentioned above and practicing regularly, you can quickly master the barspin on a scooter and impress your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start practicing! And have fun while doing it. Good luck, and happy scooting!

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