How To Brake On A Kick Scooter? (5 Techniques)

According to your query about how to brake on a kick scooter, you’ve already mastered riding the scooter but don’t know how to stop. Am I right?

Beginners find it challenging to learn how to stand, balance, push, and steer a kick scooter, but somehow they master it.

Furthermore, when they encounter a sudden obstacle such as a wall, car, or anything else that comes their way, they have to stop the scooter, but a beginner cannot do that.

Therefore, if you want to ride your kick scooter in traffic, you must learn how to stop as it’s the major safety feature.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to teach you how to brake on a scooter. Here we go.

How To Brake on A Kick Scooter

How To Brake On A Kick Scooter

There are several types of brakes you can use to stop your kick scooter. There is no limit to learning any specific skill, but you should master the one you feel comfortable with.

There are basically five types of brakes you can use to stop your scooter: foot brake, handbrake, disc brake, V brake, and foot rubbing.

Some of these brakes may not be suitable for your scooter, such as kick scooters without a handbrake. If that is the case, you can learn other techniques to stop your scooter.

Let me explain each brake to you:

Foot Brake

One of the most commonly used brakes by kids and beginners is the foot brake. A foot brake is used to stop the kick scooter by pressing on the rear wheel while standing on the scooter.

Kick scooter brake

Applying little pressure according to need will stop or slow the scooter since the wheel gets friction. This brake system can be applied to all types of kick scooters, including those with handbrakes.

In addition, this is the easiest way to brake on a kick scooter, but if you do this regularly, your rear wheels will wear out faster, and perhaps the part you push on the brake will be broken as well. Therefore, you should learn another braking technique once you have mastered the basics of the kick scooter to ensure that it lasts longer.

Hand Brake

Hand brakes are not available in all kick scooters, but nowadays, due to the demand, most kick scooters come with hand brakes, just like bicycles do, but they are smaller.

When you have hand brakes on your scooter, you can break easily. One of the most significant advantages of using a hand brake is that you don’t lose balance, and even the scooter has a quick stop. Unlike electric scooters, some kick scooters do not come with hand brakes, so you need to check before buying one.

Hand brakes can be used without putting any effort and damaging any scooter parts. In order to ensure good brakes every time, all you have to do is clean and check the tightness of the brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brake

Disc brakes are the best option if you ride a kick scooter at high speeds or prefer going downhill.

Not all kick scooters need to have disc brakes; therefore, choose a kick scooter with a disc brake only if you ride faster.

Additionally, make sure to practice disc braking at low speeds before tackling it at high speeds because it is pretty fast, and you might fall off.

V Brake

Adults and commuters should consider v braking techniques, as they are easy to use and most powerful.

If you’re an adult or commuter, pick a kick scooter with big wheels because v brakes are only available on such scooters.

Foot Rubbing

The most common technique used by most riders is rubbing their feet against the ground. You can also use this technique if you are riding at a slower or medium speed. However, if you are riding at high speed, avoid stopping with this method as you may lose your balance and won’t stop the scooter.

Furthermore, note that stopping the scooter every time with this technique will wear your shoes out, so either change your shoes after a few days or learn other kick scooter braking techniques.

Using the handbrake and footbrake are the most recommended techniques for braking on a kick scooter. Below are some benefits of using them:

Handbrakes Benefits:

  • Handbrakes are very easy to operate and stop the scooter quickly. Handbrakes are the best choice no matter how fast you go on a kick scooter or what surface you ride on.
  • The handbrake is the safest brake for you if you’re concerned about safety. The chances of falling or losing balance while riding a scooter at high speed are higher when going downhill or riding a scooter at high speed. Due to the handbrakes, the scooter can be stopped quickly without falling or losing balance.
  • Handbrakes are the fastest way to stop a scooter. Whenever you are riding at high speed and if a car, person, or any obstacles come in your way, you can easily stop the scooter.
  • Despite the fact that foot rubbing is safe if it is raining and you apply the footbrake, you are more likely to slip on the ground or won’t be able to stop the scooter. In this case, too, the handbrakes are very important.

Footbrake Benefits:

Using the footbrake, you apply pressure to the rear fender, which is pressed against the wheel to stop the scooter. Also, it’s found in almost all types of scooters.

  • Foot brakes are one of the easiest ways to stop or slow down the speed of a kick scooter without losing your balance by placing your foot on the ground.
  • When you’re riding on smooth surfaces, the footbrake works perfectly and allows you to come to a quick stop.
  • In order to stop a scooter, kids should use a footbrake since they do not have the ability to maintain it with any other kind of brake.


Q. Do kick scooters have brakes?

A. Yes, there are various types of brakes in kick scooters, such as pedals, hand brakes, and foot brakes. Apart from this, you can use other braking techniques, such as the v brake and foot rubbing.

Q. How do you slow down a scooter?

A. If you just want to slow down instead of stopping the scooter, use the rear brake only while in a straight line. Apply front and rear brakes together to slow down more quickly when you get to a turn or ride fast.

Q. What kind of brakes are on a kick scooter?

A. On kick scooters mostly you get a rear fender brake and in some high-end models, you can have a hand brake on the front wheel as well. These brakes are designed to slow down and eventually stop the scooter when pressure is applied to the fender or the handlebar.

Q. Do you use both brakes on a scooter?

A. It depends on the rider’s preference and the situation they are in. Some riders may prefer to only use one brake at a time, while others may feel more comfortable using both brakes simultaneously for better control and stopping power.

Q. Should you use front or rear brakes on scooter?

A. The most commonly used brake on kick scooters is the rear fender brake, as it requires minimal effort and can be easily controlled by the rider’s foot. However, for more experienced riders or in situations where quick and precise braking is required, the front hand brake can also be utilized.


This is all the information you need to know about stopping a kick scooter. I hope you found the answer to our question about how to brake on a kick scooter.

Ensure that you use suitable techniques for your riding style and that you are aware of the type of scooter you prefer. Due to the fact that not all brakes will work under all riding conditions, such as foot brakes not working in downhill riding.

Hence, find your riding style and master the braking techniques that suit your style.

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