How To Do A Finger Whip On A Scooter? (10 Steps)

The Finger Whip is one of the most iconic tricks in scootering. It looks cool and can be a great way to have fun and impress your friends.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do a Finger Whip on a scooter with step by step instructions. So, let’s get started!

How To Do A Finger Whip On A Scooter

How To Do A Finger Whip On A Scooter

Finger whip is a trick that involves quickly and forcefully spinning the scooter in the air using fingers.

Well, it might seem quite tricky to do, but with the right technique and practice, anyone can make this move.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow to do a finger whip on a scooter.

1. Get The Right Stunt Scooter

First and foremost, you’ll need a stunt scooter to perform the finger whip or any other scooter tricks. Not all kick scooters are suited for stunts. Therefore, it is important to choose the right scooter for your needs.

You can read our guide on how to choose a stunt scooter or look for it according to age, such as the best stunt scooter for 8 year old.

2. Don’t Try To Perform Finger Whip At First

When you’re a beginner at finger whip, it’s not recommended or the right step to try performing the complete trick at first.

First, you must learn finger whip by standing in one place and just spinning the scooter without jumping.

3. Learn To Stand

I saw many people try to bend and spin the scooter in the air, but there are better ways to learn a finger whip.

Either in the air or practicing standing in one place, you should keep your back straight always. This will help you do the finger whip with more speed and control.

4. Grab the scooter properly

It’s also important to grab the scooter with proper technique. Normally we grip the handlebar from the center, but for finger whip, you have to grab the handlebar slightly more toward the center or scooter.

This helps balance the scooter on one hand when you leave your one hand while spinning the scooter with another.

5. Lift the scooter up to your thigh

As I said above, you should not bend your back to perform finger whip. So, the better way is to lift the scooter up when you start spinning it.

Whenever doing finger whip either in the air or practicing on the ground, lift the scooter up to your thigh for an easy spin.

6. Push your hand back

Once you lift the scooter in the air by standing or performing tricks in the air, first take off your feet from the scooter and push the handlebar backward. At the same time, when the scooter is up to your thigh, use your one hand to push the deck to spin.

7. Push the scooter deck from behind

If you push the scooter deck from near the handlebar or middle, you might need more effort to spin it properly.

So, try to push the scooter from behind, like near the rear wheel, as this will help in a spinning scooter with less effort.

8. Practice this by standing in one place

So far, you have learned how to grab, lift and spin the scooter, but you still have to practice it until you become comfortable with this process.

So keep doing it by standing in one place as much as you can. The more you practice without jumping, the better and quicker you will become at doing finger whips.

9. Start jumping and spin the scooter in the air

Once you become comfortable with finger whip by standing on the ground, start learning it by jumping in the air.

You can jump in different ways and spin the scooter in the air. Every time you jump, ensure you are pushing the scooter handlebar backward and from behind.

You can jump on the ramp, rail, and flat surface. Just be sure you are wearing proper safety gear every time.

10. Practice makes perfection

As this trick is all about practicing and perfecting the technique, make sure to keep practicing it as much as possible. The more you practice, the better and quicker you become at doing finger whips.

So keep practicing it with patience, and you will learn this trick.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for you:

Wear Proper Safety Gear:

You can do all the tricks with safety gear, which is very important to consider. Wear a helmet and other protective gear, as it will help to reduce the risk of serious injury.

Start With Simple Tricks:

If you’re a beginner at stunt scooters, try first to learn the basic tricks such as powerslides and barspin. Learn these simple tricks as they will help you understand the mechanics of riding a stunt scooter and build confidence.

Watch Tutorial Videos:

Watching tutorial videos repeatedly can be very helpful in learning finger whip or other tricks. It will give you a visual idea of how to do it and some tips on improving your skill.

Stay Positive and Have Fun:

Learning new tricks can be challenging, but staying positive and having fun while learning is important. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it immediately, as practice makes perfect. Have fun, and you will eventually master it.

Conclusion: How to do a finger whip on a scooter

Finger whip is a fun and easy trick to master if you practice it patiently. Follow the instructions and tips, have patience, stay positive, and practice as much as possible. With regular practice, you can master this trick in no time.

So get out there and show everyone your tricks! Good luck!

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