How To Fix A Kick Scooter (Maintainance Tips)

Kick scooters are a great way to get around, but they eventually require some maintenance. Although it’s easy to maintain your kick scooter, but you should know how to do it properly.

If you’re facing any issue in your kick scooter related to the handlebar, wheels, folding mechanism, brakes, or any other general issue, this guide will teach you how to fix a kick scooter.

You can consider this guide as a one-stop solution for all your kick scooter related problems. No matter which brand of scooter you use and the issue, you can indeed find a solution here.

So let’s get started.

How To Fix A Kick Scooter

How To Fix A Kick Scooter

If you maintain your kick scooter regularly and take care of it properly, chances are you won’t face many issues, and it last longer. But if you need to maintain your scooter and face any issues, here are some kick scooter problems and how to fix them.

Along with kick scooter problem fixing, we’ve also shared tips on maintaining your kick scooter properly to keep it running smoothly.

Below is all the information you need to know about kick scooter problems and their solutions. You can jump straight to any of the sections if you know what’s your problem.

1. Handlebar Problems

If you’re facing any issue with the handlebar of your kick scooter, such as it’s too tight or too loose, then this is what you should do.

Check the stem bolts, if they are loose, then tighten them with a wrench. If you still have the same issue, try checking the headset bearing adjustment. If it’s not adjusted correctly, then adjust it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re using a stunt scooter, then tighten the handlebar clamp as needed and check it regularly. Also, you should lubricate the headset regularly bearing to keep it spinning smoothly.

2. Wheels Problems

If your kick scooter wheels are not spinning properly or making noise, they might have a few issues.

Check the wheels for any bent screws or broken spoke, and replace them if needed.

Next, check the bearings; if they are corroded or rusty, you should replace them.

To maintain your wheels, you should regularly lubricate the bearings and check for any bent screws or broken spokes.

If the wheels are not spinning properly, then check the axle and tighten it if needed.

Lastly, note that the wheels need to be replaced after some time due to regular wear and tear. However, you can identify wheels expiring by it’s wear and tear or if the wheels are not gripping the road properly.

3. Folding Mechanism Problems

If you have a foldable kick scooter, then from time to time, you might face some issues with the folding mechanism.

For this problem, check the folding hinges and if they are bent or tight, then adjust them as needed and lubricate regularly.

Also, check the screws if they are loose, you should tighten them regularly to keep the folding mechanism working properly.

No matter you’re using a Razor scooter or any other, these are the general issues and basic solutions you can use to fix them easily.

4. Brakes Problem

If you’re having trouble with your kick scooter brakes, such as low sensitivity or braking power, there is an issue.

In most kick scooters, you get a rear fender brake, which is easy to adjust.

First, you should clean the brake pads and make sure it’s free from dust or dirt. After that, adjust the brake pads to make sure it’s in contact with the wheels properly.

Also note if the fender brakes are made of plastic, then chances are they will wear out quickly, and you’ll need to replace them. Hence, always prefer using metal fender brakes.

You can use these basic solutions to common kick scooter issues. If your scooter doesn’t have a big issue like replacing parts, then these solutions are enough.

However, if you’ve any major issues and can’t fix them, I recommend visiting a professional scooter shop. They will be able to tell you the issue and provide the best solutions accurately.

Note: If you find you’ve to replace more than one part, then it’s time to invest in a new kick scooter. You can consider our guide and recommendation for new scooters by searching for a stunt scooter for 10 year old or the best kick scooter for 5 year old.

Kick Scooter Maintainance Tips

If you don’t want to face any issues with your kick scooter, you must take proper care of it. Here are a few tips you can use for maintenance.

1. Clean Your Scooter

It’s essential to keep it clean, especially if you’re a regular rider. Dirt and moisture can cause rust and corrosion on the metal parts, so it’s essential to clean your regular scooter basis.

Also, the wheels need to be regularly wiped off to avoid problems while riding. Before every ride, check whether the wheels are clean and working properly.

2. Lubricate the Parts

The metal parts of your kick scooter need to be lubricated regularly. Lubricating oil is important for the headset bearing, suspension forks, and folding mechanism so you can keep it running smoothly.

3. Check and Tighten Parts

You should regularly check the nuts and bolts are tight. As time passes, the screws can become loose, and if you don’t adjust them, it can result in dangerous accidents.

4. Clean Handlebar Grip

The handlebar grip is one of the most important parts of your kick scooter. For better control, it’s essential to keep them clean regularly. If it starts losing grip, you should replace it with a new one.

5. Don’t Abuse Your Scooter

When riding, you should avoid stunts and jumps on regular scooters, as this kind of activity can wear down your scooter quickly. For tricks and stunts, go for a stunt scooter.

Also, if you’re riding in wet weather, avoid going in puddles, as it can ruin your scooter and make the parts rusty.

You can use these maintenance tips to keep your kick scooter running smoothly. It’s important to check and adjust parts regularly to keep them properly and extend their life.

If you’re facing a slow speed on your kick scooter, you can read here how to make a kick scooter go faster.


Q. How long do kick scooters last?

Answer: With proper maintenance and check up, a kick scooter can last for 4-5 years. However, in this period, you need to replace some parts like wheels, brake pads, and wheel bearings. If you’re using a stunt scooter and performing tricks regularly, it may last only 1 or 2 years.

Q. How do you adjust a kick scooter?

Answer: If your kick scooter has an adjustable handlebar, then you can easily adjust them according to your height. To do this, find the clamp, which is located at the bottom of the handlebar stem. Then loosen the clamp and adjust the handlebar to your desired height.


A kick scooter is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and explore. However, to keep it running smoothly and extend its life, you should know how to fix a kick scooter and maintain it properly.

By following the above solutions and tips, you can easily fix common issues as well as properly maintain your scooter. Don’t forget to check and adjust parts regularly for a better riding experience.

If you’re facing any major issue, then it’s best to take it to professionals. They can easily detect and provide the best solution for your scooter.

Lastly, always wear a helmet while riding to stay safe.

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