How To Fold A Kick Scooter (Step By Step)

Kick scooter folding mechanism is getting popular among the younger generation. They are lightweight, easy to store, carry on vacations, and convenient for daily use.

Folding a kick scooter is easy, but it’s important to do it right to get the most out of it.

This blog post will explain step by step how to fold a kick scooter correctly and safely no matter which brand scooter you own, either a Razor, Lascoota, or any other.

How To Fold A Kick Scooter

How To Fold A Kick Scooter

First, you should look at your scooter’s whether it’s foldable or not. Some scooters, like stunt scooters, do not fold.

To identify the foldable mechanism of the scooter, look for two identical levers, one on each side of the base. This lever will allow you to lock and unlock the scooter’s folding mechanism.

Once you have identified the levers, you are ready to start folding your kick scooter:

1. Unlock the levers

The first step is to unlock the two levers on each side of your scooter’s base. Make sure both levers are in the unlocked position.

To do this safely, first put your front foot on the deck near the scooter’s front wheel, and unlock the lever with your hand.

2. Slide out Grip (Only in Razor Scooter)

The next step is only for Razor scooter users. In this step, you have to slide out the grip from the handlebar by pressing the small buttons on the backside of the handlebar in the middle.

Some Razor scooters also fold without this step, but it’s always safe to slide out the grip if you’ve an option.

3. Lower The Height Of the Scooter

If you own a height adjustable scooter, the next step is to lower the handlebar. You can do this by pressing down on the clips near the top of each handlebar and then pushing them down.

4. Fold The Scooter

Now fold the scooter handlebar by pressing down on the rear base simultaneously. Keep pressing until the scooter is completely folded.

5. Lock The Mechanism

The last step is to lock the folding mechanism. To do this, press the levers down and hold them until you hear a clicking sound confirming that it’s locked.

Finally, your scooter is ready to store or carry!

If you’re facing any problem with your scooter, you can read and learn here how to fix a kick scooter.

How do you unfold a kick scooter?

To unfold a kick scooter, first you need to unlock the levers by pressing them down. Then slide out the grip for Razor scooters, if required.

After that, lift the handlebar up until it clicks into place, and then press down on the base to unfold the scooter.

Finally, lock the levers, and your scooter is ready to ride!

Additional Tips To Keep Your Scooter in Good Condition

Here are a few additional tips for keeping your kick scooter in good condition:

Make sure to clean your scooter after every fold and unfold. Wipe down the frame and handlebars to avoid rust or any other damage.

Check screws, nuts, and bolts before each ride. Tighten them if needed.

Make sure the handlebar fold easily without any jerks.

Don’t try to fold the handlebar hardly. If the handlebar is too tight to fold, then use some lubrication.

How do you fold a kids scooter?

Not all kids scooters are designed to fold. If the scooter has a folding mechanism, then it’s very easy to fold kids scooters.

Simply press the levers and hold them down. Now press the handlebar at the same time until it clicks into place. Last, lock the levers in place to complete the folding process.

Always remember to use kids scooters as per their designed purpose and follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer. They are made of plastic and are not strong enough to hold an adult’s weight. So never use a kids scooter as your own, and keep it secure when you’re done riding.

You can also learn here how to lock a kick scooter.


Folding a kick scooter correctly is important to extend its life, so make sure you follow the steps outlined above. Pay attention to all safety instructions and keep your scooter clean and maintained.

I hope you get to learn how to fold a kick scooter. Follow the instructions above, and you’ll be able to fold your kick scooter safely and quickly. Have fun, and stay safe!

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