How To Make Kick Scooter Faster [Pro Tips]

One of the best human-powered street vehicles is the kick scooter, but sometimes you need speed, and you can’t kick with the same force for too long, can you?

There are a few ways to make your kick scooter go faster, but no specific method will work for everyone. Hence, try each you think works for you.

So, we have listed several pro tips that will help and work for you, so you do not need to look elsewhere about how to make kick scooter faster. So, let’s get started.

How To Make Kick Scooter Faster

How To Make Kick Scooter Faster

You can make your kick scooter faster in several different ways, some of which have to do with your riding style and some with the scooter itself. First, let’s learn what you can do to ride a kick scooter faster based on your riding style.

1. Get a good balance – The second important thing is getting a good balance. You need to maintain balance on the scooter in order to move it around smoothly. It will be harder to move the scooter if you’re not balanced, and it will go slower. Additionally, if you’re balanced on the scooter, the speed stays stable for a longer amount of time.

2. Practice – The most important thing you can do to make your kick scooter go faster is to practice. Since you are not used to using it, moving the scooter around will require more muscle power. Practising regularly will allow you to become better and faster at using it.

3. Kick powerfully – You need to kick powerfully in order to move the scooter faster. If you do not have a powerful kick, your scooter will be slower and more difficult to move. In the long run, you may not be able to kick powerfully, so for that, follow the following tips.

4. Change legs as you ride – Changing your legs as you ride is a great way to increase your speed and power. Try to change your legs as often as you can for kicking, so you’re always using different muscles and getting a constant high speed.

5. Body Posture – A right body posture is also very important when it comes to speed. Your body should be stiff and upright, and your arms and legs should be close to the ground. You will be able to move the scooter more quickly.

Kick scooter Body posture

Choose The Right Kick Scooter

If you think you ride in a perfect manner, then perhaps there is something wrong with your kick scooter. Replace your kick scooter with a model that suits your riding style if you want to increase your speed and power:

1. Weight and Size – The first thing to consider is the weight and size of the kick scooter. You don’t want it to be too heavy to carry or too small to move around easily.

2. Speed and Range – Other important factors to consider are the speed and range of the kick scooter. Ensure that the speed and range of that scooter are sufficient before you buy it. You can find out by taking a test ride or reading reviews from their buyers.

3. Features and Specifications – Last but not least, pay attention to the features and specifications important to you. This includes things like the weight capacity, the range, and the speed. As each rider has different needs, the kick scooter also comes in different styles so that you can choose accordingly.

4. Consider Scooter Brand – Choosing the right kick scooter brand is important for a number of reasons. To begin with, the brand you choose will determine the quality of the scooter. Secondly, the brand you select will affect the availability of replacement parts and accessories. Thirdly, the brand you choose will affect the price you are likely to pay. Furthermore, the brand you choose will impact how well the scooter performs in the long run.

5. Scooter For kids Or Adults – Scooter For kids Or Adults – If you’re an adult and using a kids scooter, you’re doing it wrong. Kids scooters are for kids and should only be used by them under the supervision of an adult. Ensure that your scooter is appropriately sized and weighted if you want the proper speed and stability.

Also, note that even if you think you have the perfect kick scooter, it will be much slower if you do not utilize its potential.

Maintain Your Kick Scooter

If you felt that your kick scooter went faster earlier, but now it’s slower, you probably haven’t been cleaning and maintaining it regularly. Kick scooters need to be regularly cleaned with a can of compressed air and a brush. Always check the wheels – if they are dirty, you should clean them.

Also, if your wheels are damaged or your bearings are worn, you may have to replace them. Make sure the handlebars are not damaged and adjust them if necessary.

Wear Flexible Shoes

When you ride a kick scooter, the shoes you wear have a big impact on how you ride. You should wear shoes that are flexible and have a good grip. You should avoid wearing high heels or boots as these will make it difficult to balance the scooter.

Road Surface

The road on which you’re riding also has an impact on how fast you can you go on a kick scooter. Your ride will be slow if the road is bumpy or filled with potholes. Try to ride on smooth, level ground.

Convert To Electric Kick Scooter

If you’ve tried everything and increased the kick scooter speed to the maximum but are still not satisfied with the performance, it could be time to convert to an electric kick scooter. Kick scooters with electric motors are more efficient and provide a smoother ride than traditional kick scooters.

Although preassembled electric scooters are also available on the market, you can also make your own electric kick scooter at home. So, the choice is yours whether to buy a new kick scooter or upgrade your existing one.

Bonus Tips

Following the above tips will help you regain your kick scooter speed, but a few bonus tips will also be helpful.

  1. When riding a kick scooter at higher speeds, always be aware of how to brake on a kick scooter (or the throttle if you’re using an electric scooter) in order to avoid suddenly slowing down. You can also use sudden brakes to stop the scooter quickly at high speed riding without falling.
  2. Try to ride in a straight line. This method will make it easier to maintain a consistent speed and move the scooter in the right direction.
  3. Avoid going too fast if you can on a scooter if it is not necessary. Getting too fast can make you unsteady and increase the risk of crashing.
  4. Make sure you keep yourself balanced while riding. If you lose your balance, you’ll slow down dramatically.
  5. You should also make sure your kick scooter deck is level and free from wobbles. If the deck is level and free from wobbles, you will have a better chance of staying stable while riding at high speed.

Last Words

The most common reason for a kick scooter not going faster is because you are using it for too long without maintaining it. Hence maintain your kick scooter and also consider your riding style and posture to go faster on your scooter.

I hope you got your question about how to make kick scooter faster answered. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask below in the comments.

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