How To Tailwhip On A Scooter Step by Step (Easy)

Tailwhips are an incredibly stylish and impressive maneuver in the world of scooter riding. It requires precise timing and control to execute a perfect trick, which can be tricky for beginners.

But don’t let that stop you. Anyone can learn to tailwhip on a scooter with the right technique and practice. It’s one of the most preferred tricks among scooter riders, and it can take your rider game to a whole new level.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a complete guide on how to tailwhip on a scooter, step by step. We’ve detailed all the steps to make it easy for beginners to understand and follow. So let’s get started!

How To Tailwhip On A Scooter

How To Tailwhip On A Scooter

To make learning tailwhip on a scooter easier, we’ve divided the process into 10 easy steps. Here they are:

Step 1: Understand What Tailwhip Is

Before you start attempting a tailwhip, it is important to understand what it is. A tailwhip is a trick of spinning the scooter’s in the air. This can be done by tailwhip and heel whip.

In the tailwhip, you need to spin the scooter using your feet tail, while in the heel whip, you spin the scooter using your heels.

For heel whip, we’ve already made a guide on how to do a heel whip on a scooter. For tailwhip, which is the most preferred one, we’ll discuss in this article.

Step 2: Choose The Right Scooter

You first need to choose the right scooter for a tailwhip or any other tricks. You should look for one that has a good handlebar, wheels, brakes, and a light frame.

Not all scooters are suitable for doing tricks, so it’s important to find one that is designed to perform them with the suited size. We’ve already made a complete guide on choosing a stunt scooter to make it easy for you. If your kid is 8 year old, you can directly check our recommended best stunt scooter for 8 year old.

Step 3: Prepare Yourself

Now that you have the right scooter, it’s time to prepare yourself for the trick. Start by warming up your body and getting into a relaxed state of mind.

Make sure to stretch and do some light exercises to get your body limbered up. This will make it easier for you to do the tricks like tailwhip.

It is also important to wear the right protective gear. This includes helmets, pads, and elbow and knee guards. You might fall a few times until you get the perfect trick, so wearing protective gear is highly recommended.

Step 4: Stand On The Scooter

Once you’ve done all the preparations, it’s time actually to start riding. Start by standing on the scooter and getting into a comfortable position.

Make sure to stand a little backward on the scooter so you can use your legs to kick and spin the scooter.

Step 5: Grip The Handlebar Properly

Gripping the handlebar is one of the most important steps in a tailwhip. Make sure to hold it firmly with both your hands and keep it steady as you start spinning the scooter.

The best way to grip the handlebar is to place your middle finger on it and wrap the rest around it. This will help keep it steady as you kick the scooter. This will help you keep a good grip with relaxed hands.

Step 6: Speed Up

Now it’s time to start picking up the speed. To do a tailwhip, you need to have some decent speed. Start by pushing your feet downwards and kicking off the ground.

Once you’ve got some speed, make sure to keep your feet and legs locked on the deck so that the momentum is maintained. Don’t forget to keep the handlebar steady.

Step 7: Jump Up

Once you’ve achieved good speed, it’s time to do the jump. As you approach the take-off point, start by crouching low and then jump up with your feet still locked on the deck.

Use your calves and ankles to push off the scooter to jump higher. As you get more advanced, you can start using different variations like jumping forward or backward. But for now, its best to stick with the basics.

Step 8: Spinning The Scooter By Kicking The Deck

Now that you’re in the air, it’s time to spin the scooter. To do this, simply get your back foot on the edge of the deck and kick the edge with your feet tail. This will help you spin the scooter in mid-air.

Make sure to use your arms to balance yourself, and don’t forget to keep the handlebar steady.

Note: If you feel it is hard to jump and tailwhip in one take, you can also do it by standing on the ground. Once you practice and get your hands on it, you can jump and try the tailwhip.

Step 9: Landing

Once you’re in the air, focus on landing safely and securely. To land keep an eye on your scooter deck and try to land with both your feet on the deck.

Before getting back to the ground, ensure you’re comfortable and have full control over the scooter by proper standing position. Landing properly is important, as it will help avoid any injuries.

Note: Keep a low center of gravity when landing, and be prepared, as you can’t always predict how the scooter will behave in mid-air.

Step 10: Keep Riding To Avoid Shakes

Now that you’ve successfully landed the tailwhip, it’s time to keep riding. To avoid shakes and wobbles, make sure to keep your legs locked and bent and maintain balance.

By doing this, you’ll flow better on the scooter and improve your tailwhip technique.

These are the basic steps on how to do a tailwhip on a scooter. With practice and dedication, you can master the skill of tailwhip and become a pro scooter rider.

If you wish to learn other tricks, you can learn here how to powerslide on a scooter. To improve your overall scooter tricks, you can also read how to do tricks on a scooter.


How to do a 360 tailwhip on a scooter?

360 Tailwhip is an advanced trick and requires a lot of practice to perfect it. It’s just an advanced version of tailwhip, with the addition of a 360 degree spin in mid-air. Start by following the same steps as above, but once you’re in the air, push hard and start using your arms to initiate a spin on the scooter. This will help you spin 360 degrees while doing the tailwhip. It’s also known as double tailwhip.

How to do a tailwhip on a razor scooter?

Razor is a good scooter for tricks; with some practice, you can even do a tailwhip on it. Just follow the same steps mentioned above to do a tailwhip on a razor scooter. Use your arms and legs properly to initiate the jump and spin. Moreover, keep the handlebar steady for better control and land carefully to avoid any injuries.

Why can’t I tailwhip on a scooter?

The most common reason why people fail to tailwhip on a scooter is because of a lack of practice, proper technique, and the right scooter setup. It’s important to practice properly and have a good stunt scooter with the proper setup for tricks. Moreover, make sure you are comfortable with the skill before trying a tailwhip. Lastly, focus on your steps and identify the mistakes before trying the trick again.

How hard is a tailwhip on a scooter?

Tailwhip is not that hard, but it does require some practice and dedication. Learning the basic steps is easy and will help you understand the concept behind tailwhips. Moreover, maintaining balance and confidence is key to successfully executing a tailwhip on a scooter.


This is all you need to know about how to tailwhip on a scooter. With proper technique, scooter, practice, dedication, and confidence, you’ll be able to master the tailwhip in no time.

Lastly, always wear protective gear and maintain safety when performing a trick like a tailwhip. Good luck!

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