What Age Can Toddler Ride Scooter (Clear)

Many parents ask about the appropriate age for their child to start riding a scooter. If you’re also wondering what age can toddler ride scooter, read on for more information.

Scooters are a great way for kids to get some exercise, have fun, and develop their motor skills. But before you hand your little one a scooter, it’s important to ensure they’re old enough and ready to ride.

So let’s find out what age your Toddler or child can start riding a scooter with things to consider before they start.

What Age Can Toddler Ride Scooter

What Age Can Toddler Ride Scooter?

Age 2 and up is when most kids are ready to start riding a scooter with supervision. But every child is different, so you should consider several things before letting your toddler ride a scooter.

Two year old have the coordination and strength to ride a scooter, but they may not have the maturity or attention span. That’s why it’s important to closely supervise kids under the age of five when they’re riding.

Things To Consider Before Your Toddler Rides A Scooter

Here are a few things to keep in mind before your Toddler hops on a scooter:

Type Of Scooter

There are two main types of scooters – kick scooters and electric scooters. Kick scooters are the simplest type of scooter and are powered by the rider kicking off the ground. Electric scooters have a motor and need to be charged, but they’re faster and can go longer distances.

For toddlers and kids just starting out, we recommend a kick scooter. They’re easier to control and maneuver, and they help kids build up the strength and coordination they need for riding.

Further, you’ll have to decide between a three-wheeled or two-wheeled scooter in a kick scooter. Three-wheeled scooters are more stable and easier to ride, making them a good choice for toddlers or those just starting out. Two-wheeled scooters are faster and require more coordination, so they’re better for kids with experience riding.

So for toddlers and kids under 7 years old, we recommend a three-wheeled kick scooter.

Scooter Size

The next thing to consider is the size of the scooter. Scooters are available in different sizes, so choosing one that’s appropriate for your child is important.

For 2 year old, we recommend a height of less than 27 inches with adjustable handlebars. Accordingly, there will be different height limits for different age groups.

If you want to avoid this headache, you can simply search on our site according to your kid’s age, like the best scooter for 2 year old and the best scooter for 4 year old.

If the scooter is too big, your child won’t be able to reach the handlebar and will have trouble steering. If the scooter is too small, they won’t be able to stand on it comfortably.

So choose the scooter size wisely for your Toddler.


When looking for a scooter for your Toddler, there are a few features to keep in mind.

First, look for a scooter with an adjustable handlebar. This way, you can raise or lower the handlebar as your child grows so that they can use the scooter for longer.

Second, choose a scooter with a foldable seat. This way, if your child gets tired of standing, they can take a seat and keep riding.

Third, look for a scooter with a wide deck. This will give your child more space to stand and will make it easier for them to balance.

Finally, make sure the scooter has lightning wheels. These special wheels light up as they spin, so they’re fun and help your child stay visible when riding at night.

Safety Gears

Once you’ve found the perfect scooter for your Toddler, it’s essential to ensure they’re properly outfitted with safety gear.

At a minimum, your child should wear a helmet when riding. A helmet will protect their head if they fall and hit it on the ground.

In addition, we also recommend knee pads and elbow pads. These will help protect your child’s knees and elbows if they fall and can help prevent scrapes and bruises.

Finally, make sure your child is wearing comfortable, closed-toe shoes. This will help them grip the scooter’s deck and avoid catching their feet in the wheels.

Teach Them How To Ride

Before your child takes their scooter out for a spin, it’s essential to teach them how to ride safely.

First, show them how to stand on the scooter. They should put one foot on the deck and one foot on the ground, with their weight balanced evenly between them.

Next, teach them how to start moving. They should push off with their foot on the ground and then use their other foot to propel themselves forward.

Finally, show them how to stop. They should put their foot on the ground to slow down and then use their other foot to break. You can also read our guide on how to teach a kid to ride a scooter.

Until they learn to ride a scooter, keep an eye on them and help them whenever needed.


If you’ve considered all of these factors, then you’re ready to choose a scooter for your Toddler. Just remember to supervise them closely when they’re riding and to have fun!

If your kids 2 years old or more, just follow the few simple steps in this guide and get them the best scooter for their age.

I hope you found at what age can Toddler ride scooter guide helpful. And if you have any other queries, just comment below, and we will be happy to answer.

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