What Size Stunt Scooter? (Complete Guide)

Stunt scooters are a great way to show off your tricks and stunts. But before you can show off, you must find the right size stunt scooter for you.

If you make the wrong choice, then it could lead to an uncomfortable ride or worse, an injury. That’s why you need to know all about the stunt scooters size you need.

To make your choice right and easier, this blog post will guide you on what size stunt scooter you need, including scooter wheels and deck size. So let’s get started.

What Size Stunt Scooter

What Size Stunt Scooter Do I Need?

The stunt scooter size you need depends on your age and height. Generally, the bigger you are, the larger the scooter size you need to ensure a comfortable ride and better control of your stunts.

For a stunt scooter, getting the perfect fitted size is recommended because if it is slightly larger or smaller, it can affect your performance and put you at risk of falling off the scooter.

Not only the scooter size but also the scooter wheel and deck size are important when it comes to trick or pro scooters. This is because you need to lift the deck off the ground to perform stunts, which is impossible if your wheels and deck are too big or heavy.

Stunt Scooter Size Chart

Below is a size chart to help you find the best stunt scooter size according to your age and height:

Rider Age (year)Rider Height (Inches)Stunt Scooter height (Inches)
3 – 537 – 44 (95-112 cm)Under 27
5 – 744 – 49 (112-126 cm)23 – 29
7 – 949 – 54 (126-138 cm)25 – 31
9 – 1154 – 58 (138-149 cm)29 – 32
11 – 1358 – 62 (149-160 cm)29 – 33
13 – 1562 – 67 (160-172 cm)30 – 33
15+67+ (172+cm)31+

When choosing the stunt scooter, refer to this size table to ensure it is a perfect fit.

Make sure to choose the perfect size because you won’t get height adjustable handlebar in a stunt scooter like in a cruising kick scooter.

Note: The same scooter size is also applied to the normal kick scooter. For more on kick scooter size you can read our blog post about what size scooter should i get.

Stunt Scooter Wheels Size

Stunt scooter wheels also play an important role in your performance. The size of the stunt scooter wheel should be proportional to the weight and height of the rider.

The ideal recommended wheel size for a stunt scooter is 110mm. This size is best suited to perform any kind of stunts and tricks on any terrain.

You can easily lift the deck off the ground and get better control of your stunts with 110mm stunt scooter wheels. Also, these wheels roll fast and smoothly, so you can easily reach high speed when needed.

If you don’t get 110mm wheels, you can also go for 100mm or 120mm size for a stunt scooter. Anything above or below that size is generally not recommended as it can hinder your performance, and also it won’t be easy to lift the deck off the ground.

Stunt Scooter Deck Size

The size of the deck is also important for a stunt scooter. The bigger the deck, the heavier it gets; it will make jumping or doing tricks difficult if it’s too big.

The ideal size for a stunt scooter deck is 4.5″ wide and 19″ long. This size is perfect for riders of almost any age and height, as it will ensure a comfortable ride and also offer enough space to perform stunts.

However, if you’re tall, you can also go for a 5″ wide and 20 or 21″ longer deck to ensure more stability.

To decide, you can also search for a stunt scooter according to your age. We’ve also found some age specific stunt scooters:


Q. What is the correct size stunt scooter?

Answer: The size of the stunt scooter you need depends on your age and height. For example, if you’re 10 years old, you should get around 30 inches (76 cm) tall scooter with 110mm wheels and a 4.5″ wide and 19″ long deck size. For other ages, you can refer to the size chart above to find the best size for you.

Q. What size of wheels should a stunt scooter be?

Answer: The ideal size of wheels for a stunt scooter is 110mm. You can also go for 100mm or 120mm, but anything above or below that size is not suited.

Q. How do I choose a stunt scooter?

Answer: To choose a stunt scooter, you should know your age, height and the kind of stunts you will do. Based on that, refer to the size chart above and choose the perfect scooter size according to your needs. Also, make sure to check the build quality, components, and weight of the scooter before buying it.


To sum up, when choosing the best size stunt scooter, you should consider your age and height first. With the help of this guide and the size chart above, you can easily find the perfect stunt scooter size for you.

Ensure also to check the quality of components and the scooter’s weight to ensure good performance.

I hope your query about what size stunt scooter I need has been resolved. Enjoy your trick and stunts with the perfect size stunt scooter!

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